Quite Quaint
Thursday, 16 October 2014

Floral Pleats

I've finally given in and got the tights out! Autumn seems to have come round all of a sudden and I'm really pleased. The dark evenings, hot comforting food and orange leaves everywhere - I love it. I'm also enjoying finding all the winter clothes that I had forgotten about (and buying a load of new ones!). I actually bought this dress a few weeks ago, but I was a bit unsure about it. Pairing it with the long grey cardigan has totally changed my mind - expect to see a lot more of this cardigan!

One thing I'm definitely not enjoying about autumn is all the gigantic spiders! I had to stop writing mid-post to find out why my housemate was yelling from the next room. Luckily one of the boys was home and got rid of it. Everyone keeps telling me I need to fill the house with conkers because spiders hate them - is that a load of rubbish?

Dress: Topshop  |  Cardigan: H&M  |  Boots: Topshop

Sunday, 12 October 2014

60's High Neck Dress

They say that once you find what works for your shape, stick with it. I think I've taken this advice a little too literally because when I see a shift dress, I usually have to buy it. I think the shape is so wearable and can easily be taken from casual to evening depending on how you style it. I love all the 60's style dresses that are
around at the moment, the high necks and super high hems to match! The paneling and textured material of this dress really appealed to me. I'm not quite sure about this shirt under it now, the print looks far more blue in real life, but hey ho.

Dress: New Look  |  Shirt: Zara  |  Boots:  Topshop

Sunday, 5 October 2014


I absolutely love these red suede shoes from Topshop. They're just a bit different from the average loafer, the bright colour and the small cut out details. I'll be wearing them all autumn. The jeans, on the other hand, have seen better days! I hadn't even noticed how faded they were looking until I looked back at these photos. I've never tried re-dying jeans black after they've faded but might give it a go - have you tried it? Is it all a bit messy?

I've been working all weekend, which is never fun, but donuts for breakfast have definitely helped. on the plus side I only have to be in work on Wednesday this week. I'll be working on a new project, some pre-recorded TV shows for broadcast in America so it should be an exciting day.

Top: Topshop  |  Jeans: Topshop  |  Shoes:  Topshop
Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Red Flippy Skirt

I'm making the most of this end of summer heat, I'm not quite ready to get the tights out yet. I don't think of myself as a very girly girl, but the way this skirt moves makes me feel like a Disney character. When I wear it with this tshirt I feel like I'm giving off a bit of cheerleader vibe, which was definitely not my aim! The tshirt is
an old favourite that I picked up from a huge market in Bangkok, Thailand. I like the clash of orange and red tones.

Top: bought in Thailand  |  Skirt: Topshop  |  Belt: Vintage
Saturday, 27 September 2014

Purple Flowers

Two years have passed so quickly, I can't believe it's been so long since I was blogging. So many factors made it difficult to keep up with, but it was never something I forgot about and my intention was always to carry on where I left off. So here goes my next attempt to get back into things. I was instantly reminded of
the dilemmas of taking my own outfit photos. I'm relatively shy and although this blog completely contradicts it, I don't actually like having my photo taken. Especially when I'm standing in front of a lonely camera I've set up in the middle of the street. Of course, as soon as I notice anyone approaching I dart behind the camera and fiddle with the settings. So many times I've been asked 'why are you taking photos of that wall?' and my answer is always the same 'school project!'

Dress: New Look