28 June 2010

Blue Broderie Anglais

Dress: Topshop  |  Bag & Boots: Urban Outfitters

Don't ask why I wore boots in this weather! I'm not sure myself. If I told you it was easier to cycle in them you wouldn't believe me, I'm just that stupid I guess. At least my body was cool while my feet melted, I love the detailing on this dress, especially the scalloped edge at the bottom. 

Today I cycled into town with the aim of handing out CV's to try and find a summer job (again) but of course I went shopping. I expect you're beginning to sense a trend here, five out of all ten of my posts mention shopping! I just can't seem to help it, and I have nothing else to do at the moment, soon it'll just be post after post moaning about work and the like I'm sure... although lunch breaks and days off might feature the odd shopping trip or two, hah.

I popped into Toni and Guy for a fringe trim on my way home. Trim sounds like such a lovely way of putting it, 'oh I just had a little trim' it's a shame that a better way of describing what I had done was 'oh she only hacked it all off and has left me looking like I cut it myself when I was drunk.' She was fully aware of my cow lick, (oh dear I'm going to have to explain what a cow lick is to you lucky few who don't have a clue why I've gone from hair to farm animals in one sentence.
Cow lick
A projecting tuft of hair on the head that grows in a different direction from the rest of the hair and will not lie flat.
When searching for a definition, I found that Wikipedia has tips for those 'more serious about cow lick management' it suggests waxing!!! Haha. Can you imagine if I waxed a patch at the front of my head? sexual. Anyway...!) but of course she knew best and cut it far too short and now it won't sit down! I've got a springy section of hair sticking out of my forehead now. Love it.

27 June 2010

What I Bought: Bicycle

Yesterday I went to buy a bicycle! Living in Cambridge and not owning a bike is a bit like living in Scotland and not having heart disease, so I thought it was about time I bought my own rather than borrowing my mums. I ended up going for this beaut, and even better the shop was offering a trade in. So I got rid of the bike I got when I was 9 years old and got £100 off the price! Brilliant.

The thing is, when I got home my brother had brought round an old bike that he found in a skip ages ago (no we aren't that kind of family, before you think it) and its a rusty old pile of beauty. So I could've had genuine vintage, but instead I've got the copy cat. It's ok, I've told myself that it's probably for the best seeing as it would have cost about £100 to have it fixed up, and even then might not have been very reliable. Still feel a bit of a knob though.


It's probably not the best idea I've ever had, but I'm sitting here completely drunk on white wine spritzers (who the hell drinks that?!) having just returned from a friends bbq where the only thing on offer was one cold sausage and a hell of a lot of wine.
Anyway I felt compelled to write something as I got home and found I had 3 new comments. can u bloody believe it. So excited.
Just noticed the raw sausage wrapped in tin foil on my desk that I meant to put back in the fridge.
Must go to bed
Yes it's only 1.22
shut up

25 June 2010

Navy Smock

Hat: H&M  |  Dress: Topshop  |  Necklace & Boots: Urban Outfitters

I have always hated sales, they're just full of all the old crap that no one bought at full price. I've always wondered why no one else had ever worked this out, because sales are never without a hoard of people, pulling at the rails, desperate to find a slightly better piece of tat than the person next to them. Don't get me wrong, I love a bargain and I've always attempted to have a poke around the odd sale, but it was never more than a poke.

So why is it that recently I've become one of those desperate women, considering every item on every rail? Eagarly trying to come up with a reason why I need a pair of high waisted skinnies with zips all the way up the back of the leg. Inventing occasions where I would definitely need a see through pink lace skirt. Even convincing myself that I could easily adjust the size 16 dress Im holding to fit my size 8 body. (Yes each of those situations actually happened to me today!!) Perhaps it's the lack of excitement in my life at the moment!

24 June 2010

Floral Sweetheart Dress

Top: H&M  |  Dress: Topshop  |  Belt: Urban Outfitters  |  Shoes: Office

I got the job! I didn't have any experience as a waitress though so the manager decided it was clearly far too difficult for me and hired me as a commis! So I had my first shift on Tuesday, spent 6 hours standing in the kitchen folding napkins, polishing cups and cutlery. All the while being wolf whistled and winked at by 6 Eastern European men. Living.The.Dream. So after my second shift I sacked it off!! And instead of my 10am-midnight double shift, I cycled into town, drank Peroni by the river with friends, watched someone fall off a punt and spilled pizza down my clothes. A good day all round. So that's the end of that chapter and now I'm jobless again.

18 June 2010

Where I Went: Scotland

I've been in Scotland for a week, visiting the boyf. We we're both at Greenwich together but finishing uni and lack of funds put a stop to that and now we're both living with our parents. Fantastic. Anyhow, had a lovely time and did lots of cliched out-doorsy type things like walking the dog and picnicing, which is definitely just an excuse to get drunk in a field in the middle of the day.

Edinburgh is quite lovely. I'd never been before, unless you count the time I spent £75 on a 4 hour train ride to spend NYE 2009 at my boyfriend's, friend's flat party. Anyway, nice place.

Obviously did a bit of shopping, when don't I? Found this bag, which at the time I loved, but the attraction is slowly fading. I've been looking for dark brown satchel for ages but none have been quite right (I'm very picky about everything, but especially bags). I also picked up a pair of clubmaster style sunglasses, yes I know I'm a couple of months late jumping on the band wagon, but I was adamant that I was getting Ray Bans. Now in mid June, I had to resign myself to the fact that it just wasn't gonna happen.

 Bag £38, Urban Outfitters

I had an interview at Cote today, it's a nice French brasserie in town. I ate at the one in Soho last Val's day and loved it. I'm not sure if I've shot myself in the foot by applying; it could either mean I'm too embarrassed to ever show my face in there again, resulting in no more champagne beurre blanc for me. On the other hand I might get a discount, but then again I would feel like a bit of a wolly going for a meal where I work, on my night off... anyway, I have a trial shift tomorrow, so fingers crossed I don't spill any moules mariniere over anyone's Marc Jacobs.

I had to go and buy a pair of black trousers after the interview, which was a bit of a bum seeing as I'm broke and would have preferred not to spend my last pennies on the least exciting item in the shop, but hey, didn't someone once say you have to spend money to make money? what a twat.

8 June 2010

Decisions, decisions

When you're desperate for some new shoes, but find making a decision harder than pushing a banana through a keyhole, you end up with none. Here's a few I've got my eye on.

£60, £45, £50 all from Office

I had no idea until now, but apparently I want a pair of tan shoes!

Another thing I cant decide on is nail colour. I love all the summery pastel colours out there at the mo. I've been rocking a peach colour for a while now and think it's time for a change. One trend I'm wary of following is turquoise. Everyone and his dog seems to have turquoise nails this summer so I'm starting to wonder if this is a look best left to the masses. Saying that, I bought some anyway (obviously) and wore it on a night out last week and I have to admit that I wasn't really feeling it. Im thinking about pastel yellow but some of them look a bit tipexy, or maybe beige but I can't decide if that's a little too dull for summer.

So from this post you've gathered that I can't make a decision on anything. From what to put on my toast, to what to do wth my life, I'm stumped! Hopefully that's where this blog might come in handy, once I have any followers that is!

Straw Hat

Hat: Urban Outfitters  |  Top: H&M  |  Skirt: Vintage  |  Socks: Topshop  |  Shoes: Office 

The sun is shining and I'm definitely making the most of it, here's what I pulled out of the wadrobe today. I Just got back from town, did a bit of shopping with the help of my favourite thing, an overdraft. Didn't end up with much, which is probably for the best seeing as I got majorly ripped off by the money grabbing car park. £8.50 for 3 hours! since when was that legal?

6 June 2010

Why not?

On a rainy Sunday afternoon in June, with no job, no money and no social life, now seems a better time than any to start a blog. After spending the last few hours sifting through page after page of other peoples stories, look books and general musings, I thought why the hell not? It's only when getting down to the writing that I'm realising any moron can fill a page with scattered thoughts and opinions, but of what interest are mine to anyone else?

Still, here i am continuing to write, and hopefully you are continuing to read, either way this blog will go on! Even if not a single person who happens to stumle across it bothers to read past the first sentence. Why would they, when my opening line introduces myself as the least exciting blogger going. Who knows?