18 June 2010

Where I Went: Scotland

I've been in Scotland for a week, visiting the boyf. We we're both at Greenwich together but finishing uni and lack of funds put a stop to that and now we're both living with our parents. Fantastic. Anyhow, had a lovely time and did lots of cliched out-doorsy type things like walking the dog and picnicing, which is definitely just an excuse to get drunk in a field in the middle of the day.

Edinburgh is quite lovely. I'd never been before, unless you count the time I spent £75 on a 4 hour train ride to spend NYE 2009 at my boyfriend's, friend's flat party. Anyway, nice place.

Obviously did a bit of shopping, when don't I? Found this bag, which at the time I loved, but the attraction is slowly fading. I've been looking for dark brown satchel for ages but none have been quite right (I'm very picky about everything, but especially bags). I also picked up a pair of clubmaster style sunglasses, yes I know I'm a couple of months late jumping on the band wagon, but I was adamant that I was getting Ray Bans. Now in mid June, I had to resign myself to the fact that it just wasn't gonna happen.

 Bag £38, Urban Outfitters

I had an interview at Cote today, it's a nice French brasserie in town. I ate at the one in Soho last Val's day and loved it. I'm not sure if I've shot myself in the foot by applying; it could either mean I'm too embarrassed to ever show my face in there again, resulting in no more champagne beurre blanc for me. On the other hand I might get a discount, but then again I would feel like a bit of a wolly going for a meal where I work, on my night off... anyway, I have a trial shift tomorrow, so fingers crossed I don't spill any moules mariniere over anyone's Marc Jacobs.

I had to go and buy a pair of black trousers after the interview, which was a bit of a bum seeing as I'm broke and would have preferred not to spend my last pennies on the least exciting item in the shop, but hey, didn't someone once say you have to spend money to make money? what a twat.

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  1. The bag and sunglasses is pretty vintaaage. Loves.

    And I am loving your blog! Never been to Edinburgh before. My husband is scottish, wish he would take me up to bonny scotland and show me the sites!

    Mucho Love.