24 June 2010

Floral Sweetheart Dress

Top: H&M  |  Dress: Topshop  |  Belt: Urban Outfitters  |  Shoes: Office

I got the job! I didn't have any experience as a waitress though so the manager decided it was clearly far too difficult for me and hired me as a commis! So I had my first shift on Tuesday, spent 6 hours standing in the kitchen folding napkins, polishing cups and cutlery. All the while being wolf whistled and winked at by 6 Eastern European men. Living.The.Dream. So after my second shift I sacked it off!! And instead of my 10am-midnight double shift, I cycled into town, drank Peroni by the river with friends, watched someone fall off a punt and spilled pizza down my clothes. A good day all round. So that's the end of that chapter and now I'm jobless again.

1 comment:

  1. Great title! Love that song.
    I did that with a waitressing job, although it doesn't sound quite so bad as yours. Would feel so uncomfortable being wolf-whistled at!
    I'm sure a much better job will come up for you.

    Lydia xxx