14 July 2010

First Class

I got my results letter today, confirming that I got a first class degree!!! YES. Not that my degree is good for anything...! I actually found out online last Thursday, but getting the letter makes it feel a bit more real. The boyf and I went to Strada for a bargain banquet thanks to his Taste London card, which gave us 50% off everything. We ate so much that we thought there was no chance of getting even slightly tipsy, but thought we'd give it a go of course! We ended up suitably drunk thanks to several trusty Tokyo iced tea's, listening to a live jazz band. We can do sophistication sometimes... (hah)

Anyway, I'm in a bit of a pickle now, my graduation is next Friday and I have no idea what I'm supposed to wear! My gown will be open, so my outfit will be visible. The flappy bits on the gown are light blue and navy so I don't want anything that will clash too much, and I cant wear anything too patterned. I know I'm meant to look smart, but I don't really do smart so I have no idea where to start. 


  1. A first! Congrats?
    But what do you mean that your results dont matter:/xx

  2. I did Film and Tv Production!
    no job for me! heh

  3. Congratulations on your first!
    I'm sure you'll find something that suits your degree!
    I like the urban outfitters one the best too.

  4. Congrats on your degree. And finding a graduation dress is the pits. I had the same dilemma last year. I like the idea of a nude shift with a jazzy necklace. Good luck!

  5. the jesire dress would look so great, and i love the accesorize neclace! i'm jealous of your first, bit gutted with my 2-1 :( but nevermind!

  6. thanks for the blazer link! i'd already tried there but sadly none of them are what i want :(

    and yes, my followers are growing! i'm new to this so just getting started with it all, so the support has been really nice :)

  7. wow, congrats on the first- thats awesome! I love Stradad too!

    My mum made we wear a boring white blouse and black skirt for my first graduation, but i'm hoping to spice things up for my next one! I really like the blue peplum dress here!! i guess it depends on the colour of your gown hood thing..!!

  8. Congratulations!

    (sorry if i've to;d you this before, i tell everyone) today i worked at my 24th graduation ceremony, you need to wear a skirt longer than normal length cos the gowns make everything look really short. seriously some of the girls today looked proper trampy in stuff ive seen them in before and its been fine. so knee lengthy is best!

    i like the jesire one, it'll go great with the pale blue

  9. congratulations on receiving a first! that's absolutely amazing :)
    either of the first two dresses would be gorgeous i think, but you could carry on wearing any of the dresses after. i'd steer clear of the striped dress as the black could clash with the navy though?
    i love the choices though :)
    x x x

  10. the striped one. it's nice but it's not boring+shows you have some personality.x