19 August 2010

Silk Tailored Shorts

Cardi: Topshop  | Shirt: H&M  Shorts: Topshop   Shoes: Office

Just a quick post tonight, I just got home from work and I'm looking forward to putting my feet up, eating a massive bag of crisps and watching some absolute trash on tv. I love this shirt, I can't get enough of buttoned up blouses at the moment, especially sheer ones, although I didn't leave the house without a top underneath, my boyfriend would've had a fit, not that I wear what he tells me! I think I'd feel very self concious of people staring. I know this sounds ridiculous seeing as I'm posting these pictures for the world to see, but it feels different, I can't see the world staring back! 

I'm very excited, I've been working on lots of new things for my blog to improve it, so in the next few days it will have a whole new look, hopefully for the better!


  1. Love the outfit, despite the sheer shirt and bra combo its doesn't look at all trashy, quite the opposite really and really chic! Love the sock and shoes too x

  2. You look very Beautiful
    xoxo Debby

  3. always have vintage style,100% love your shirt.

  4. LOVE your shirt, I've been hunting for one like it but no luck so far.
    I know what you mean when you say it's different walking down the street

  5. Just wanted to stop by and say that you (especially your hair!) remind me of Jane Asher (Paul McCartney's first wife) :) Lovely!

  6. love love loveee this outfit!

    thanks so much for your comment on my blog :)


  7. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD, I love this!

  8. How funny. I saw a post on The Clothes Horse where she talked about being self conscious wearing a sheer blouse in public but not on her blog. I totally understand, though. I'm planning a post for an article of clothing I would never wear in public! hehe


  9. Ahahaha i know what you mean, standing infront of the mirror being like "oh yeah awesome". But then changing your mind last minute because you realise you have to go outside and would rather not have the world giving you weird stares. ;P Anyway love this outfit! You're so gorgeous :)

  10. Gahhh ! I am dying for a sheer blouse right now. I will need to check out H&M for some.

    Lovely blog!!

  11. i love the sheer blouse with the cream shorts! i think i'd have to swap the black cardigan for a cream one.. but the shirt and shorts are so cute together!!

  12. your outfit is gorgeous!
    im really into blouses too atm
    oh and i've just launched a giveaway on my blog incase you are interested
    www.ellabellevintage.blogspot.com xxx

  13. great outfit posts! i love the sheer blouse and shorts, the colour works well together

    xx Winnie

  14. Lovely outfit, especially the shoes and ankle socks, really cute! :) xx

  15. you look wonderful! i love the sheer shirt/bra combo, so lovely! i really do need that shirt in my life, hehe.

    love, jazzabelle. x

  16. I love the shirt.
    I know what you mean about wearing sheer things out though - maybe try it on a night out. It is easier to get away with these things in the evening! And just wear it with confidence - if people are staring it is cos you look so hot! Then if that goes well try day time too.

    Christina x

  17. You look stunnig, how fun I have a shirt just like yours =D
    Big kiss,
    Madalena and Sara


  18. Ah, I totally know what you mean, I love posting outfits on my blog but sometimes when I wear them out I think "are they looking at me". Possibly because so many people around where I live are so ordinary. Even my friends tell me that "I pick out the craziest clothes but I pull them off and they have no idea how they would". It's a good thing!

  19. Love this look! Those shorts look perfect. Exactly what I'm after for spring/summer.

  20. i love how you look! i think the mix of styles you have going on there is adorable! i should try pulling this off too someday!

    also, yay for blog improvements... it feels so great afterwards.. i've recently done it on my blog too =D

    oxox from http://www.sweetfancytreat.com/

  21. Like your outfit!
    I just start following you!

  22. Lovely outfit :)

    And I love your hair, your fringe is perfect!



  23. A little slice of encouragement for you :
    Your blog is amaaazing! Its so easy to work with - and I keep finding blogs that seem so hard to just do the simple things like leaving a comment! Great work. I love it.

    and also - you look amazing and this outfit is dreamy. I love the sheer blouse..I need to do this, asap. <3

  24. I've really been wanting to style a look like this, with the sheer black top and bra. Alas, I have not come across a shirt that is just right. You look amazing!

  25. I quite like sheer shirts, they're so easy to match up. But I never dare to wear them with just a bra! I think you've got to have another level of confidence to pull it off!


  26. u look so cool!

    love ur taste and ur posts rock!

    pls come visit and join!:)))))



  27. I've seen this blouse on a few blogs now all worn so differently. I love the sexy sheer look paired with the shorts and brogues. The blouse looks awesome in this context!

  28. i have this blouse in white, and i too am afraid to wear it out! i can't face the stares!

    i love your blog! sarah from thestylishheart x

  29. stunning outfit! and I love your blog header <3


  30. I love the whole outfit! I wish I could pull off such styles but I don't think I will ever be able to! You look great though, I like the shoes and shorts a lot! xoxo


  31. This i such an amazing outfit
    i love the shorts and the top!

    keep it up

  32. I know exactly what you mean about the level of sheer being perhaps too sheer... I think this shot is not at all OTT, there's a hint of flesh and that's an ideal amount, people would clearly be staring because they're so darn jealous. I suppose if it was me, I'd be a little conscious too ha, though when I got my hair dyed orange (we're talking Sainsburys carrier bag shade) I had to overcome this. I'm rambling now, but yeah, I adore the shorts espesh!

    jazzy ♥

  33. Thx for your com.....
    Love your outfits....Really Nice...xoxo

    Follow my blog nd I would follow you back.

  34. I have that shirt as well! The bra thing is a total conundrum, I usually wear a long bandeau underneath but I know somewhere down the line I'll pair it with the bra once I get my courage up.