17 August 2010

Red Check & Lace

Shirt: Topshop   Crop Top: H&M   Necklace: Accessorize  |  Skirt H&M  |  Shoes: Office

This is quite a wintery outfit, well it is to me anyway because it's also quite an old outfit that I wore a lot last winter. Yes I'm one of those people who wears an outfit the same way more than once, I only recently found out that this is apparently like committing fashion suicide according to 2 different magazines and various blogs. I don't care though, if you find a combination that you like and feel good in then I think you'd be an idiot not to wear it again, just in case someone noticed. 'Oh no she's not wearing that gorgeous dress with those lovely heels and nice cardi again is she.' Exactly. Shut up. Anyway, the reason I've gone all wintery on you is because it's been a miserable few days here and I'm also trying to get a bit more wear out of all my forgotten clothes.

Rimmel Nail Varnish in Grey Matter

I don't care how bland it may sound, but I love grey nails. It may be summer, but I've got a little bored of pastels. My boyfriend hated it, and enjoyed reminding me of that at every available moment (which was a lot) but I think that only made me like it more. So now I'm not sure if the love is genuine or its just developed because of the joy I get out of annoying my boyfriend. What do you think? Is it hideous? Will you telling me it's hideous make me like it even more?


  1. An embarrassed penguin, a newspaper.

  2. i've asked myself the same question:

    ha! i love grey nails. i am obsessed with you don't know jacques by opi, which is a fabulous taupey/greige color!


  3. I am also guilty of wearing the exact same outfit again. Although I do consider the length of time between wear and who I'll be with... :)

    I am loving your blog by the way! I came across it through The Clothes Horse. So excited to see more posts from you. :)

  4. I love the lace and plaid together.

  5. I also repeat-style myself and more than twice if I really get into the outfit, variation is key to a fresh feeling closet but if the look brings you joy why stop wearing it?


  6. I definitely rewear identical combinations of clothes. I agree that if something works for you, why not repeat it?

    Cool flannel by the way! So classic and versatile.

  7. I often wear the same combination repeatedly, It's great, saves hours that would otherwize be wasted staring blankly into my closet....I agree with the "shut up" comment!
    And I can totally relate to the you-hate-it-so-now-I-like-it-even-more thing, I'm like that too :)
    Love the nail polish - I've been looking for a grey but haven't found the right one for me yet.

  8. I have the same flannel shirt from topshop. I wear it all the time. Isn't it like the comfiest thing ever?

  9. You put together the cutest outfits. <3

  10. Ahh, I hate that people think that. You are completely right - I have quite a few outfit combinations that I love, feel great in and have no worries wearing again and again!
    This is gorgeous. I love that you mixed the grungy plaid with the girly lace.


  11. Lovely outfit, love the plaid shirt with brogues! You look lovely x

  12. ♥cute outfit :X♥
    cute blog


  13. Boyfriends are rubbish with nail colours; I've worn a peppermint pastel blue all summer much to his amusement! This grey is a great follow on from the pastels. I've just got a new dark teal colour but may have to add this grey to the palette too!


  14. i currently have grey nails !
    they will match my thich tights in autumn !


  15. this outfit is so lovely
    i always wear the same outfit if i like it!
    screw the magazines xxxx

  16. I love grey nails, I'm sporting them myself at the moment. According to some magazine I just read, they're a new trend so stick that in your boyfriends face aha! I love this outfit, such lovely mix of colour and texture and those shoes are great!

  17. It would be absolutely ridiculous, for anyone living in the real world, to not 'repeat' outfits!

    I love grey nails. Have done for a long time. In fact, I may have to do my nails grey next, haven't done it in a while..

    Thanks for the comment on my blog :) & yeah, I know, it's crazy & makes me feel REALLY guilty, but I do have a stupidly huge amount of things I've never worn..


  18. That's one of my fave nail varnishes! Boots 17 do a lovely grey called smoke screen, its quite dark but I love it x

  19. wow i love that outfit-so cute!!
    And thnx for the comment it was really sweet!

  20. I love grey nails! and yes its a bit wintery but if the weather in england is anything like it is here in Ireland ud think it was winter!! fabulous post as always :) x

  21. those little loafers are beautiful!

    well done for doing it first they are going to be EVERYWHERE this season. x

    check me out if you dare    

  22. Thank for commenting on my blog. <3
    I LOVE your blog, it's so cute. :)
    Would you like a link exchange?


  23. Cute outfit! I love the lace top. xoxo


  24. Ah, you look amazing!
    I just love the shoes, tried them on when I was in London in June. Regret that I didn't buy them!!!... Ahh, well I have another shot coming up in September.
    Weird comment, but your hair is really cool! Wish my hair was that cooperative when I try to wear it down!
    Much love, xoxo

  25. love the nail colour !

  26. LOVE your shoes, i spied those at office myself but they were sadly not in my size :( i agree, if you find a clothing combo you like why not wear it more than once!

    i think i have that exact colour nailvarnish too...i prefer colours like grey as they're less likely to clash with the colours in an outfit!


  27. i ned that nail colour in my life!
    where are you shoes from? x

  28. I love your posts so much, I literally sit there nodding along...

    I love the lace and tartan clash and I can't believe people think you should never wear the same outfit twice that's utterly ridiculous, these people must be seriously rich! xxx

  29. Awesome!! Hahahah my favourite outfit of winter involves lace and a skirt too. and love the nail polish :D

  30. i love the mix of lace and plaid! :) cool cool cool

  31. Ha, if I like an outfit I'll wear it over and over until I'm sick of it! I'm also sporting the grey nails, and, if I may say so myself, it's a good look...

    Bring on winter! x