23 September 2010

Pussy Bow Blouse

quite quaint loafers denim shortsI managed to find some time to snap a few photos in the sun yesterday, which was lucky as the only outfit appropriate for today is something similar to the style of Paddington bear, which would probably make a pretty awesome outfit post actually. Anyway, I managed to solve the tiny hat/huge head mystery, it turns

21 September 2010

Floral Midi Skirt

It's been a long time since I've been into a shop and looked straight at an item and instantly knew I wanted it. So I was pretty surprised when it happened in River Island, a shop I rarely enter expecting find anything that isn't jewel encrusted. No offence to any RI regulars, as I've clearly been proven wrong. While I love everything about this skirt, I didn't find it easy to style and I'm not sure that I've pulled it off this time, hence the lack of photos!
p.s. I am fully aware of my ghostly leg situation.

Leather Jacket: Topshop  |  Skirt: River Island  |  Boots: Urban Outfitters

20 September 2010

Leopard Scarf

quite quaint topshop leopard print
quite quaint elbow patches
Scarf and Jumper: H&M  |  Shorts: Zara

Not a very exciting outfit today, this is what I snuggled into yesterday for a lazy Sunday afternoon after finishing work. I really love the colour of this jumper, it's what drew me to it, then finding those elbow patches was a major bonus. I started taking these photos with straight hair, then remembered why I never wear my hair straight. It didn't feel like I was looking at a photo of myself which is weird, I know.

18 September 2010


Shirt: H&M  |  Shorts: Vintage Levis

New shirt and new eiderdown, that's all. Also, I've never actually said eiderdown in my life, but this blanket is so granny-esque that eiderdown feels appropriate.

What I Bought: Bowler Hat

quite quaint bowler hat
Blouse: Topshop  |  Cardigan: Primark  |  Hat: H&M

I've been searching for a bowler hat for what feels like forever, so when I saw this one, sitting all by itself in H&M I took it straight to the till. Since buying it last week, I've seen the same one on about 5 other blogs! I don't know if I just have a giant head or if they varied in size, because this was the last one in the shop, but I feel like it's a bit small for my head! 

You might start to notice soon, that all I want to wear right now is shorts, there's so many nice pairs in Zara at the mo, lots of corduroy and tweed ones I've got my eye on. I'm sticking to tights from now on though, far too chilly for me to be bare legged, I'm always cold! I've had a bit of a tightmare (sorry) recently though, the last 2 nights out I've been on, I managed to make a huge hole in my tights - and this was way before the drink kicked in, so I can't blame that. So I have a pretty expensive tights habit right now. Anyone else having the same problem with their 15 derniers or is it just me?

15 September 2010

What I Want: Camel

(1) Fisherman knitted rib jumper, Topshop £42. ¦ (2) 13" Satchel, The Cambridge Satchel Company £70. ¦  (3) Curved seam peg leg, Warehouse £35. ¦ (4) Leather lace up boots, Next £60. ¦ (5) Swallow print shorts, Topshop £32. ¦ (6) Leather woven belt, Very, £13. ¦ (7) Lip paint in marshmallow, Barry M £4.25. ¦ (8) Slinky ankle socks, Topshop £3. ¦ (9) Wide brim fedora, ASOS £22. ¦ (10) Cotton and lace trimmed scarf, Warehouse £25. ¦ (11) Crochet lace up brogues, Topshop £55. ¦ (12) Shrunken ruched sleeve jacket, Topshop £55.

Now, first of all I have to admit that I actually made this list yongos ago but completely forgot to publish it! So if the whole camel debate seems a little out of date then I apologise. I'm not really sure where I stand in terms of camel love, I wouldn't say it's a trend that I hate, but equally it's not a trend that will have me begging other girls to hand over the last camel item in the shop (Yes I actually did beg someone to let me have the last pair of sold out Kurt Geiger sale boots that I had just been to 5 shops in search of and had been desperate for for months, whereas she had merely picked them up quite nonchalantly, as if they were any old boots, 20 seconds before me. She bought them anyway. Bitch).

It just seems to be something I can't escape from, every magazine I open, every blog I read and every shop I enter is channelling AW 2010's biggest colour and it looks like I'm about to join them. At first, I didn't think this would be a trend that I could get on board with, but typically I seem to have changed my mind already. While trawling through online shops, my love for this trend seemed to grow with every click of the mouse. From chunky knits, to fitted blazers, anything and everything can be found in camel. Have any of the items in my list turned you into a camel convert too? (if you weren't loving the trend already that is) and will you be channelling head to toe camel this autumn? (apparently that's the chic way to wear it) I'm not sure I'm that brave, but here's one thing I never thought I'd say; I'm looking forward to having a wardrobe full of camel!

14 September 2010

Christmas Cardi

quite quaint primark fair isle

Cardigan: Primark  |  Shirt: H&M  |  Dress: Topshop

I adore Christmas jumpers, it might be a little early, but when I saw this one in Primark for £15 I snapped it up. They just look so cute and cosy, I want a wardrobe full of them. I'm not holding out much hope for this jumper though, I bought a lovely Christmas jumper from Primark last winter too and it turned to cardboard after about 3 washes!

You might recognise that boring bare wall behind me, I've been resigned to taking photos in my room again thanks to the bloody weather. So no more photos of me lovingly holding onto trees or hanging off fences for the time being. However I have gone a bit shopping-crazy thanks to my first pay slip, so expect plenty of posts including me showing off in my new clothes heh.

I had a lovely time by the coast with the boyfriend last week, playing monopoly, flying kites and building sandcastles! I'm like a child, I know. Anyway, when I got back I found I had over 100 new followers and plenty of unread mail! So hello to you all :) I've added some new pages in the sidebar including details on advertising on quite quaint, yes I'm a sell out! I had several inquries about it though so thought I'd better get some info up. I've also opened a Blog Shop for the unobservant of you who haven't already seen the multiple posts/links/tweets about it! Get bidding. Seriously, go on.