30 January 2011

Another new look

Quite QuaintI've gone and done it again; got sick of the sight of my blog and completely changed the layout. In all honesty I think that the web design element of blogging is what excites me most at the moment. I'm still not entirely happy with it, but after spending about 2 weeks fiddling around with it on my days off I thought it

23 January 2011

Fairisle Jumper

quite quaint asos peter pan collar dres
quite quaint zara elbow patch jumper
Jumper: Zara  |  Dress: Asos  |  Socks: Topshop  |  Shoes: Office

I've been told I look like a little evacuee in this outfit, I'm not sure if that's true but I definitely feel like a little girl when I'm wearing it. Just like everyone else and their dog, I've been in love with peter pan collars this season and this dress is perfect. I don't often wear all black so I've mostly been pairing this dress with different jumpers and flopping that lovely collar over the top. I almost returned this jumper when I bought it back at the beginning of autumn because I don't usually go for brown, but I'm so glad I kept it, it's been one of my favourite pieces to wear this autumn/winter. The pattern is pretty enough alone, but those elbow patches make it even better. I had to add the patterned socks, simply because I've been finding it impossible not to add a pair of socks to every outfit recently!

21 January 2011

goodbye grey

Models Own purple grey and pink ashModels Own purple grey and pink ash
Models Own in Purple Grey and Pink Ash

After months of wearing different shades of nude, grey and taupe I've finally added some colour to my nails. Yes, I know it's called purple grey, but it doesn't count, it's definitely purple! Believe it or not, this is actually the first time I've used Models Own and so far I'm relatively impressed. The colour stays put for ages, although I found that applying the second coat can be tricky as it dries so quickly, but that's probably better than it taking ages and accidentally smearing it all over my clothes...  

20 January 2011

What I Bought: Coats

quite quaint topshop coat
Both coats: Topshop 

I popped into town the other day to take some stuff back to Topshop that I had decided I didn't like/need and I accidentally came out with two coats! I just thought I'd have a little look at the new things that had been added to the sale and found these two, both of which I had loved when they first came in and both in my size! I must have tried them both on about 10 times, but couldn't decide which one I preferred so now I'm asking you, which one do I keep? Oh and don't say both!

[below is a boring bit about my broken camera, please read it if you know stuff about cameras!]
While I was taking these shots I was experimenting with using the flash because the light in my room is awful and my photos always look so grainy even though I use a decent camera. I covered the flash with sheets of tissue to diffuse the light so the photos didn't look so harsh but I seem to have fucked up my camera in the process. There's now a large tea stain sort of blob on the screen, but it doesn't show up on the actual photo, does anyone have any idea what I've done and if there's any way I can fix it? 

12 January 2011

Tweed Blazer

quite quaint topshop tweed blazer

quite quaint asos shorts

Jumper: Topman  |  Tweed Blazer: Topshop  |  Corduroy Shorts: ASOS  |  Shoes: Kurt Geiger

I finally found the time to start blogging again! Brilliant. I've just finished a three month internship doing graphic design for tv, which along with my other job and my lover took up a lot of my time, but I got one good thing out of it at least - a better blog design! What do you think? 

Is it just me or do I look like a bit of a horse lover in this outfit? I think it's something about the tweed and the chunky knit together. I feel like I look like I'm about to pop to the stables. I'm not sure that that's a good thing (no offence horse lovers).

I've been desperate for a cream aran knit jumper for ages and searched relentlessly, but typically I couldn't find what I was looking for. In the end I found this one in Topman and decided it would do. I discovered Topman's brilliant knitwear collection completely by accident when I went with my boyfriend. He bought nothing and instead it was me trying on a pile of jumpers while he acted as my coat rack/bag holder much to his delight. Anway, I suggest you check it out because most of it is better than the knitwear in Topshop and seeing as Topman has started catering for prepubescent boys they do tiny sizes now, this jumper comes in a size even smaller than the one I'm wearing!

Some of you might remember that I decided not to tell any of my friends or family about my blog. Mainly because I knew I'd get endlessly ripped about prancing around in front my camera. Anyway, my boyfriend stumbled across it and despite the fact that I know he must be bursting with jokes, he's actually been very supportive and encouraged me to start blogging again. So thanks for that, stupid :)