10 February 2011

Camel Duster Coat

Although I hate these photos, I love this outfit so decided to post these photos anyway, rather than attempt to squeeze into the nook of that tree again. During the summer I wore these shorts far too much, so when winter came around they got shoved to the back of my wardrobe and were replaced with a black cord

3 February 2011

Heidi Plaits

I know what you're thinking; now there's a girl with too much time on her hands! You're probably right, although it actually only took about 10 minutes to transform my hair into something Heidi would be proud of. It's just 3 French plaits, wound around my head, it looks a little messy and there are grips poking out from

1 February 2011

Polka Dot Dress

It may surprise you to see that I'm looking a normal shade of pink today and that I'm not actually suffering from jaundice, as the photos in my last post suggest! My boyfriend came to visit yesterday and I roped him into taking some photos for me. As we were pottering around town trying to find the ideal photo spot, we