22 April 2011

What I Bought: Flower Headband

Seeing as my photographer/boyfriend has been in the highlands for the last month, I've had a wee halt on any outfit photos. Not wanting to resort back to the dreadful photos I used to take myself (new readers, that is not a cue to go looking through my archives for a good giggle) I've had to make do with another narcissistic
photo of my mug, which I'm now going to attempt to disguise as a post about my love of flower headbands.

I've not actually worn this thing in public yet, and I'm not sure if I ever will. While I think it's quite adorable, and would love it on someone else, I think I'd feel like a bit of an idiot. Saying that, I am absolutely in love with the seventies trend this summer and I think the flowers might tie in well with that.

Flower Headband: Primark  |  Top: H&M