2 March 2012

Rainbow Jumper

I had an interview for an assistant producer position this week, it was my first in so long and I was pretty nervous. I think I was worrying most about what to wear (I need to sort my priorities) I never know how smart I need to dress. I'm not a fan of smart clothes, I feel like I lose any sense of my personality and don't
give a true impression of myself. The interview was full of all those awful generic questions like 'when have you used your initiative' ugh! I felt like I fumbled through them all, but luckily it was over quite quickly! Despite my worrying, I was called back the next day for a trial shift on Saturday, so now I'm nervous all over again.
Hat: H&M  |  Jumper: Topshop  |  Shorts: Vintage Levi's  |  Boots: River Island