29 October 2014

Pink Layers

New Look Pastel Pink Jumper with Jamie Jeans and Office Boots

New Look Pastel Pink Jumper with Chunky Necklace and Topshop Folk Print Shirt

I love this time of year, but the weather is so sporadic. Is it warm? Is it cold? Is it about to pour with rain? Sometimes it's all of the above in one afternoon. That's why I feel like getting my layering right is really important. Here I'm wearing a plain grey tshirt with a patterened crop shirt over the top and a thin knit jumper. All of these items work even if I need to peel back the layers. This is something I usually struggle with! I often like the look of layered up clothing, like collars or cuffs poking, but normally when I put pieces together, they only work together! I'll end up spending the day too hot in all my layers because the shirt underneath is too small, crumpled up, stained or just looks wrong on it's own!
Jumper: New Look  |  Shirt: Topshop  |  Tshirt: H&M  |  Necklace: New Look  |  Jeans: Topshop  |
 Boots: Office


  1. That necklace is gorgeous, it contrasts the jumper just perfectly! Great post :) xx

    Blog With Laura

  2. Great outfit, dear!


  3. The pink looks so pretty on you :)

    Jenna || Jennafifi.co.uk

  4. Love this outfit! I definitely love the collar and how it has a print on it!

    Made in Mauve

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